Innovation is the most powerful engine for growth. While small organizations and start- ups enjoy the spirit of entrepreneurship, larger and more mature organizations often struggle to maintain the desired innovative spirit and continue to strategize and search for disruptive change.

With our methodology for structured innovation (TRIZ), we help foster a sense of ownership and a drive to apply innovation.

We help organizations leverage adjacencies, build on strengths and generate creative ideas, systematically explore different dimensions of conducting business and create new opportunities.


Organizations that excel at strategy execution outperform their peers by a wide margin. While many organizations have strategic planning sessions, only about 30 percent go beyond documentation into some kind of action. And, while execution without strategy
might generate results, it only creates pockets of excellence sporadically.  Our strategy development process focuses on execution and deployment in order to help organizations deliver more value to their customers / stakeholders. Our use of the balanced scorecard links the organization’s vision/mission to actions and associated measurable outcomes.


Kaizen, or rapid process improvement, is often considered to be the “building block” of all lean initiatives.

We work with organizations  in joint teams and utilize analytical tools to identify opportunities quickly, eliminate waste, improve productivity and achieve sustained continual improvement in targeted processes.

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