Business Process Improvement Consultant Group

In searching for a partner to help your organization work smarter and increase profitability, consider the team at PIVOT Management Consultants. Our business process improvement consultant group has an enviable record of delivering results to meet our clients' needs, and consistently exceeding expectations during the process.

What makes us different from other ISO 9000 consultants is our ability to draw from a number of business improvement practices to deliver integrated solutions specific to your organization. Our focus on your bottom line results is our constant beacon, and our goal of effectively transferring skills to your employees is unique in the industry.

The professionals at PIVOT have a track record of providing sound strategic planning consulting to increase profitability. In case after case, we have assisted organizations in unlocking and leveraging their strengths to gain market share, retain customers, and maximize relationships with suppliers.

Unique Strategic Planning Consulting Expertise

One of the areas in which we most pride ourselves is out ability to draw from experience working across a very broad spectrum of businesses and industries. Unlike many strategic planning consulting groups who focus on one specific business sector, PIVOT is able to cross-pollinate learning from one industry to another with astonishing results. Under our PIVOT Palette tab, you can read about how we applied Kaizen Lean practices normally associated with lean manufacturing processes to healthcare facilities and governmental agencies. You can also get an understanding of our approach to helping our clients achieve elegant solutions to challenging problems.

Powerful Kaizen Lean Skills Transfer

As mentioned earlier, one of our goals when working with clients is to transfer the skills we offer to the employees of your organization. This is especially true with Kaizen Lean practices because we know that when you have an organization brimming with employees who are empowered with tools and confidence to create continual improvement in their daily work, the pay off to your bottom line will be dramatic.

Get the power of a business process improvement consultant group that can hit the ground running for you today. Just call PIVOT Management Consultants at 877-PIVOTMC.

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