Health Care Management Consulting Firm

Spiraling costs and a growing base of uninsured patients have hospitals, labs, and clinics around the country scrambling for smart ways to improve the way they deliver their services. One solution which has garnered attention through incredible success reporting is Lean healthcare thinking and practice.

While its roots are in product manufacturing, it didn't take executives in other industries long to recognize the basic Lean premise of less is best as applicable to non lean manufacturing organizations. Universities, K through 12 schools, government agencies, and healthcare operations have latched on to Lean practices to maximize profitability through the reduction of waste and the improvement of processes in the workplace.

By enlisting a professional health care management consulting firm, hospitals and clinics can leverage the power of Lean thinking in their organizations on an accelerated basis. Experts from PIVOT Management Consultants have broad experience working with healthcare organizations, and can hit the ground running to help achieve results which roll directly to the bottom line. Want to know if we have a Kaizen event in your area, give us a call at 877-pivotmc.

Lean Healthcare Success Stories

When you browse case histories under our PIVOT Palette tab, you'll read one story after another about how Lean healthcare practices have contained costs, reduced errors, and limited patient wait times. An Illinois hospital saw potentially life threatening medication administration errors drop by 70 percent after implementing Lean principles. At a laboratory in southern California, work flow efficiencies reduced the time it took to process lab specimens and report on results. An emergency room in South Dakota was able to shave almost an entire hour off of patient check-in to release/admittance time, and their continued application of Lean practices is working to further reduce this time required.

It is these kinds of dramatic results that make hiring a health care management consulting firm like PIVOT one of the best steps you can take to improve your services in the fast changing health care environment.

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