Expert Kaizen Event Facilitators

Some of the most elegant solutions to maximize workplace efficiencies and minimize waste come from front-line, hands-on workers. Toyota validated and encouraged this reality in the 1950s by formalizing continual improvement thinking -- Kaizen -- into their expectations for every single employee.

The practice of Kaizen in business is a continual search for improvement in every facet of an organization's daily operation. A vital tool within the Lean manufacturing management arsenal, the practice actively involves and encourages all levels of personnel to contribute to continual improvement.

Hosting a Kaizen Event is a way to step back from a normal work process or operation, break it down into parts, and view it from a different perspective. When the event is facilitated effectively, all levels of workers involved with the process are encouraged to contribute thoughts and ideas for improvement. The event is non-threatening and non-judgmental.

PIVOT Management Consultants offers years of successful experience providing expert process management training and facilitation to organizations in a number of industries. The results we have helped companies achieve for their bottom lines have made PIVOT one of the most highly trusted consultant groups in the United States.

Results-oriented Process Management Training

In considering the types of day in/day out wasted efforts, materials, and opportunities that so easily put the brakes on profit optimization, a focus on process improvement can have a dramatic impact.

Process management training with professionals who have assisted organizations both domestically and abroad to reap the rewards of continued improvement thinking is an investment which pays off quickly. A great way to experience what PIVOT can do for your organization on a short-term immediate impact basis is to enlist our experts to facilitate a Kaizen Event. Call us today, and get closer to the efficiency results you demand.

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