Benefits of Lean Manufacturing Certification

While Lean thinking and practice has been formalized and proven widely successful for almost three decades, certification of its students and practitioners is a fairly recent (and strongly applauded) development. Individuals who have undergone Lean manufacturing training can now become certified on several different levels in this comprehensive discipline's continuum.

The benefits of any Lean training such as lean healthcare or Lean manufacturing certification are significant for practitioners and their organizations. For individuals, certification proves training and facility in Lean thinking. As more companies adopt waste reduction goals, Lean-certified individuals are in great demand for their proven credentials, providing them with distinct advantage in the marketplace. Concrete, standardized assessment of employees' or prospective employees' skills mitigates uncertainty in hiring and advancing individuals.

Effective Lean Manufacturing Training

The depth and breadth of understanding and skills necessary for competent Lean practice cannot be gained simply by sitting through one or two courses and passing a final exam. Instead, effective Lean manufacturing training constitutes a process of coached study, practice, mentoring, and examination. It is a progression of learning and understanding, with each of three main levels building upon each other.

Often, outside Lean manufacturing consultant groups are enlisted by organizations to provide effective coaching and instruction to employees. These consultant groups can also provide certification as each level of training is completed successfully.

Hiring Lean Manufacturing Consultant Groups

If your company is just beginning to adopt Lean practices, one of the most effective ways to kick start understanding, study, and enthusiasm for its benefits is to bring in an expert Lean manufacturing consultant group.

One such group that has worked with organizations domestically and abroad with incredible results is PIVOT Management Consultants. Based in southern California, the renowned experts at PIVOT are recognized for their skills in training individuals and conducting Lean manufacturing certification programs for organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, and education sectors.

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