Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Maximizing process management and decision making effectiveness can be an effort toward achieving a number of goals ... contain costs, satisfy customers, boost product/service quality, retain employees, or all of the above. Having the right tools at your disposal to help you understand with confidence how well a process is performing is what Six Sigma Black Belt training is all about.

Effective training on the road to becoming a Black Belt is a comprehensive process, but one which will provide valuable and highly marketable skills. Motorola, the birthplace of the Six Sigma framework and tools, is one of a generation of revered companies which actually lists employment opportunities for Black Belt candidates.

While training alone in this discipline will give you a new perspective and confidence in problem solving and decision making, Six Sigma certifications are the concrete proof to others that you have undergone rigorous lean six sigma training, testing, and achievement.

Six Sigma Certifications Prove Skill

Most patients seeking physicians to perform surgical procedures know to look for a doctor who is Board Certified in a particular specialty. Why? Because they know that a physician who has undergone the extra effort to become Board Certified has the backing of a formalized body vouching for his or her full comprehension and practical facility of their specialty. Six Sigma certifications are no different, though the stakes are the health and well-being of an organization versus an individual.

PIVOT Management Consultants provides the Six Sigma Black Belt training and six sigma certificate programs you want for yourself and your key employees. Our public course offerings are among the most comprehensive you'll find anywhere, and our on-site training can be perfectly tailored to the needs of your specific organization. You can find out more about what PIVOT can deliver to you and your organization by calling our professionals at 1-877-PIVOTMC.

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