Results-oriented Six Sigma Certificate Programs

In the history of maximizing corporate profits through effective process management, exemplary quality control, and ultimate customer satisfaction, few manufacturing practices have achieved the extraordinary results returned by Six Sigma methodologies. Their impact on manufacturing excellence has spurred organizations in healthcare, education, and other service sectors to seek Six Sigma certifications for employees across all levels of organization.

PIVOT Management Consultants delivers top quality training to organizations seeking to improve the way they do work every day. We provide Six Sigma certificate programs to provide your business or organization with the tools you and your employees need to make a real difference in the quality of your product or service.

We also provide immediate impact process management improvement through Kaizen Event facilitation. Our expertise with this particular Lean tool has helped many of our clients realize a significant and immediate impact in their bottom line results.

Kaizen Event Expertise

Businesses, like people, often do things a certain way over and over again because that's just how it's always been done. While routine lends comfort, it isn't necessarily what is best for an organization.

The management systems consulting experts at PIVOT can help you and your employees view and assess the way work is done with a fresh perspective. Hosting a Kaizen Event can leverage the hands-on know-how of your staff to streamline processes, cut waste, and make work easier.

You can read case histories under our PIVOT Palette tab to learn how we have helped organizations like yours to maximize profits through Kaizen thinking and Lean manufacturing certification. You'll read about people in a vast array of industries who have made incredible contributions to the health and growth of their companies.

Lean Manufacturing Certification and Training

Pressure has never been greater on companies to cut costs and maximize profits. Lean manufacturing certification and training available through PIVOT puts you in control of the bottom line, and delivers a powerful advantage in the marketplace.

PIVOT Management Consultants provides a comprehensive line-up of services and training to empower your organization to operate at optimum levels. From Six Sigma certificate programs to Kaizen facilitation, we can help you leverage the strengths of your staff to make a difference. Our expertise as a manufacturing, education, and health care management consulting firm can deliver the tools you need to nimbly meet ever-changing market conditions.

Some of the most elegant solutions to maximize workplace efficiencies and minimize waste come from front-line, hands-on workers. Toyota validated and encouraged this reality in the 1950s by formalizing continual improvement thinking -- Kaizen -- into their expectations for every single employee.

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