Six Sigma Certification Proves Facility

The pedigree of Six Sigma practices and methodologies has deep roots in previous generation quality control, TQM, and Zero Defects philosophies. But what raises the relevance and value of this new generation process management practice is its core of systematic, methodical, and measurable assessments which enable highly effective decision making in the largest manufacturing corporations or the smallest healthcare operations.

Six Sigma certificate programs are available to executives and managers in manufacturing, service, and education sectors. While training and certification in this proven discipline's practices is offered by many different resources around the world, the professionals at PIVOT Management Consultants bring Six Sigma certification and training to life with real world knowledge and case studies. Our people hold some of the best reputations in the industry, and our training programs prove rigorous yet engaging. Completing six sigma certifications through PIVOT provides proven facility of Six Sigma practices which can be put to work for your organization immediately.

Six Sigma Certificate Programs

True practitioners of Six Sigma understand that process improvement can never truly be complete. There is always room for improvement. Similarly, mastery of the discipline's assessment tools and philosophies is a long term commitment to education, practice, and growth.

Training and Six Sigma certification are available through PIVOT Management Consultants to meet the needs of various levels of study, and include these public course options:

Any of these -- including Six Sigma certificate programs -- can be customized for convenient on-site study at your place of operation.

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