Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Increasing competitive factors in the workplace have rendered four year university degrees as simply a point of entry on the ladder to success. Even a master's degree in business administration no longer guarantees a shortcut to C-Level positions.

To effectively compete for attractive positions in any manufacturing, service, education, or governmental organization, professional accreditation in disciplines which are merely touched upon in graduate school can give you the edge you need to achieve your career goals.

Lean Six Sigma training combines two highly regarded disciplines -- the rigors of data driven Six Sigma assessment and testing with the philosophy of zero waste principles. This one-two punch lends a huge competitive edge to any resume.

You can get this edge with PIVOT Management Consultants when you enroll in one of our highly recognized public Six Sigma certification courses we offer. Six Sigma Green Belt certification upon completion of first level belt training will add immediate muscle to your resume, whether you are seeking your first professional position, or looking toward the next level in your current organization. Once you have completed the first level belt training, there are other Six Sigma certificate programs available for you to complete, such as the Six Sigma black belt certification.

Powerful Lean Six Sigma Training

Many individuals who occupy C-Level offices share one thing in common -- they surround themselves with highly capable staff.

The high regard with which both Lean and Six Sigma practices are held because of the positive impact they deliver to the bottom line has spurred executives across the globe to seek Lean Six Sigma training for themselves and their key personnel. From Fortune 100 corporations to small medical clinics in rural areas, people trained in Lean practices with Six Sigma Green Belt certification have yielded dramatic results for their organizations and for their personal career trajectories.

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