Kash GokliKash Gokli

Akhilesh is a TRIZ and Structured Innovation Consultant and Trainer. I have attended a couple of his presentations on TRIZ at our local ASQ & APICS chapters and liked the way he made it easy to understand even to a layman. His presentations were interesting, informative, engaging, and thought provoking. Using the methodology as presented by Akhilesh helps us visualize a common process and methodology to create an innovative mindset in organizations. . . .I understand that he is now in the process of writing a book on Application of TRIZ in different industries and look forward to reading it.

Alan WangAlan Wang

Akhilesh gave a presentation on TRIZ at our local ASQ section and was very well received. His presentation was interesting, informative, interactive, and thought provoking. There was a strong set of visual aids. Akhilesh's confident and engaging style achieved good resonance with his audience. It was a great experience overall.

Ned SchneiderNed Schneider

Akhilesh is a very experienced and talented quality engineering professional. He is a TRIZ (The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) and Lean Six Sigma Expert who has presented many times for ASQ Section 0701 (the 3rd largest ASQ Section in the world) at our annual conferences and he always gets very high survey review ratings. I strongly recommend Akhilesh for any business seeking an optimization expert for Manufacturing/Operations.

Kendall WallinKendall Wallin

I had the pleasure of studying both Green Belt and Black Belt Six Sigma methodology through Akhilesh's instruction. He tailored his classes so that students with prior knowledge of methodology were challenged and those students without much background also succeeded.

Michael ManrodMichael Manrod

Akhilesh is an intelligent and hardworking consultant and leader, who brings a creative and innovative perspective to complex business problems. During my time working with Akhilesh, he helped lead key projects within a complex portfolio of improvement initiatives that changed the landscape of the organization. In addition, he we was a key contributor to helping us mature our internal improvement methodologies. If you get the chance to work with Akhilesh, do not pass up the opportunity.

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