An Overlooked Improvement Opportunity in Retail

Black Belts could use predictive analytics to transform the convenience store industry Convenience stores are located on most street corners the world over. These small enterprises offer customers a wide variety of items and often have gas pumps outside as well. Considering how long convenience stores have been around and the quantity of items they … Read moreAn Overlooked Improvement Opportunity in Retail

Profit Optimization Planning

Make the most of your Black Belts Regression equations,try fitted lines, and sampling are familiar terms to people in the quality field. There are tools that we use (i.e., planning matrices, tree diagrams, and flowcharts) to help our organizations optimize processes. These tools aren’t new, and their use isn’t limited to the quality profession. They’re … Read moreProfit Optimization Planning

Leveraging Quality Tools Throughout the Organization

Applying design of experiments to marketing Design of experiments (DOE) is a term familiar to most quality professionals. Some use it on a regular basis and others try their best to avoid it. Most of those who employ this problem-solving tool have done so mainly on behalf of quality improvement projects. Limiting DOE to just … Read moreLeveraging Quality Tools Throughout the Organization