Non-Profit Contradictions

I have been holding quarterly fireside chats with my fellow alums. These alums work in different industries, including non-profit organizations. One of the alums was from a non-profit org, and the conversation drifted towards the use of funds and the challenges faced by such organizations. This was especially so since many of us supported different … Read more

Effective Problem Solving Calls for Adaptable Detective Work

Finding the root cause vs. treating the symptom The TRIZ executive council group had taken a break during summer and were now meeting after almost three months. There were the usual exchanges about vacations and work challenges, cialis but Joel was excited and wanted to share something he believed would be of benefit to every … Read more

Embracing Change!

By electing President Obama in 2008, the people of the United States opted for change.  In the May 2014 elections in India, the people of India opted for change by nominating N. Modi for Prime Minister after a long run by the Congress Party.  The recent surges in polls and a realignment of leadership throughout … Read more