Microservices in the world of Big Data

. . . Why it is more relevant than ever before If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would be hearing Microservices for the gazzillionth time. People have tried to tie Microservices with everything under the sun. From Re-usability to silver bullet design pattern; from agility, to defining your org structure based on … Read more

Data-Driven Decision Making

. . . And the role of intuition The big data revolution is requiring a seismic shift inside organizations, both in the way we build relationships and the way we make decisions. Each is now driven by data rather than intuition.In general, decision making is accomplished via a thought process of selecting a logical choice from … Read more

An Overlooked Improvement Opportunity in Retail

Black Belts could use predictive analytics to transform the convenience store industry Convenience stores are located on most street corners the world over. These small enterprises offer customers a wide variety of items and often have gas pumps outside as well. Considering how long convenience stores have been around and the quantity of items they … Read more