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More than 75 percent of the average company’s market value comes from intangible assets that traditional metrics don’t measure. The strategy map allows companies to describe the links between intangible assets and value creation so all aspects of strategy can be implemented in a manner that ensures sustained value creation. The strategy map allows managers to align investments in people, technology and organization capital for the greatest impact. By paying close attention to improving internal processes such as operations, customer relationships, innovation and culture - and making proper investments inintangible assets - human capital, information capital, and organization capital management can implement a structured plan to achieve strategic success.

Areas covered include: identifying organizational processes that are most critical for enhancing productivity, strategy map and the cause-and-effect relation-ships between processes and intangible assets, managing internal processes to achieve your differentiated value proposition, defining and measuring intangible assets and then integrating / aligning them with strategy for true value, developing a customized strategy map for your company based on your unique strategy and goals, planning an implementation campaign based on the strategy map.

Most of us are are likely to shake our heads at the jargon-heavy reformulations of the obvious like "the ideal customer experience is a product that meets customer specifications and is suitable for immediate use by the customer." Even the cases described leave us expecting a more engaging outcome than "a significant breakthrough in how strategy maps are designed and used in large, matrixed public-sector institutions."

Still, you may find the book useful if you will be leading a balanced scorecard initiative.

Book Review: Strategy Maps (Robert S. Kaplan andDavid P. Norton, 2004)

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