cost reductions, process enhancement, cycle time reduction and customer satisfaction programs. We have a two-phase process that integrates all personnel in a continuous improvement effort. The purpose of the first phase is to gain an in-depth understanding of the client's business practices, and identify improvement opportunities and critical success factors. The second phase concentrates on the design and implementation of TQ strategies. The second phase is two-pronged: 1) addressing issues to deliver quick results and 2) stressing long term direction and institutionalization of the CQI effort.

We work jointly with client teams to ensure successful TQM implementation with emphasis on culture change and the related factors of vision and employee ownership. Our methodology is geared towards results delivery and skills transfer to allow the client to continue on its CQI journey.

Our Methodology Delivers Results
The PIVOT consulting approach is essentially a multidisciplinary one. While our services are focused on engineering Continuous Quality Improvement, our work encompasses productivity improvement,
Lean Practices • Kaizen • Six Sigma • ISO 9000
PIVOT Management Consultants, a Los Angeles based change management consulting firm,
specializing in business process improvements through Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise,
ISO based standards, and project management services.