TRIZ Certification

TRIZ Practitioner
This course is based on a practical, step-by-step method to apply modern TRIZ / Systematic Innovation to solving complex problems in business and technology, in corporations and in governmental or non-governmental organizations. It includes a hands-on workshop where you will solve real problems from your own situation, and you will use the workshop project to begin a library of case studies that will help you take TRIZ/Systematic Innovation home with you. Topics covered by the course include:

  • Basic concepts, tools and techniques of TRIZ/Systematic Innovation.
  • How TRIZ/Systematic Innovation applies to different types of problems in different types of organizations.
  • How to generate creative solutions to difficult problems using our proven 8-element system.
  • How to combine creative solutions to generate higher level solutions to the problem.

Course Benefits
You will understand the key concepts of TRIZ/Systematic Innovation, and why it is so useful in situations where creative thinking and innovation are required. You will learn a structured eight-element system for generating creative solutions to difficult problems, for combining candidate solutions to improve them, and you will develop the start of a case study library of specific applications for your organization. You will receive the complete set of Practical Innovation™ templates, which will guide you in application of the methods that you have used, and make it very easy to continue generating solutions and documenting case studies for yourself and others in your organization.

Who Should Attend
This course is recommended for people who need creative solutions to difficult problems. Engineers, strategic planners, entrepreneurs, marketeers, industrial designers, human resource professionals, quality control and quality improvement managers and staff, Lean and Six Sigma Green/Black/Master Black Belts, TOC Jonah’s, manufacturing and service delivery managers and staff, health care professionals, and educators of all kinds have graduated from this program and applied what they learned to a wide variety of problems around the world.

Dates & Rates
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TRIZ Leader
This course expands the knowledge and skills of the TRIZ Practioner graduates so that they can be TRIZ Leaders in their organizations. TRIZ Leaders will learn to apply the practical, step-by-step method of modern TRIZ/Systematic Innovation to strategic planning and to multi-generation product/service, and will learn additional tools and techniques for generating creative solutions to difficult problems. The course includes hands-on workshops where you will solve real problems from your own situation, and you will learn how to coach/facilitate other people in using the TRIZ/Systematic Innovation system. Topics covered by the course include:

  • Review of projects done by TRIZ Practioners; feedback on the use of the methods.
  • How to recognize and apply the TRIZ/Systematic Innovation patterns of evolution and the evolutionary potential model.How to predict multiple generations of potential change for services, systems, and products, and how to incorporate those predictions into strategic planning systems.
  • How to use ARIZ and advanced function analysis methods to enhance basic TRIZ/Systematic Innovation problem solving methods. When to use the advanced tools and when to use the basic tools.
  • How to facilitate/coach people with limited TRIZ/Systematic Innovation experience so that they can generate creative solutions to difficult problems.problem.

Course Benefits
You will be able to lead problem solving and strategy development teams, using coaching/facilitation methods to select the tool, techniques and methods appropriate to the problems you are addressing, and you will know how to enable people with all levels of TRIZ/Systematic Innovation knowledge to participate in TRIZ/Systematic Innovation team.

Who Should Attend
This course is recommended for TRIZ Practioners who want to develop advanced knowledge and skills to become TRIZ Leaders.

Dates & Rates
5 days (contact us for dates) . . . . . . . . . . Los Angeles, CA, USA . . . $3250

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