TRIZ e-learning

This course will introduce you to TRIZ so that you can use TRIZ to solve real problems – you’ll see for yourself how TRIZ helps you create innovative breakthroughs in YOUR situation. This class is not “about” TRIZ—it is TRIZ!

Applied Innovation with TRIZ

“Applied Innovation with TRIZ” is an on-line program designed to help people with no TRIZ background learn enough in a short time so that they can really use TRIZ concepts to solve significant problems. The presentation is a hybrid of e-learning and “distance learning” that overcomes the difficulty of learning concepts without discussion. The basic format is like a webinar – mostly Powerpoint with an audio track. But, at significant points the presenter says “Check your understanding; pause the video” and the student downloads a worksheet with questions about how to apply the particular concept in his/her work or personal situation. The student is invited to e-mail the worksheet to the instructor for dialogue.

The course is presented in 5 modules ranging from 35 minutes to one hour (total 220 minutes):

  1. Introduction to TRIZ. Ideality and the Ideal Final Result.
  2. Using Resources
  3. Eliminating trade-offs
  4. Examples of the 40 inventive principles from industry, health care, government, service, manufacturing, etc.
  5. Eliminating inherent contradictions. Integrating the TRIZ tools into your system to solve real problems

If the student completes all the worksheets and assignments, the class will take 6-8 hours.

The course is presented by our Consulting Partner and principal TRIZ consultant Dr. Ellen Domb, Ph.D., founding editor of The TRIZ Journal.  Dr. Domb’s has been a physics professor, aerospace engineer, engineering manager, product line general manager, and strategic planning/quality improvement consultant.  This course includes three months of access to the eLearning materials, and feedback from Dr. Ellen Domb throughout the course.

Cost: $695.00

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