TRIZ in Computing & Business Operations

ASQ-SOFTWARE Division in Partnership with  PIVOT & PQR Group offers a 2-Day Workshop

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Venue: Microsoft Campus, Building 122, 15120 NE 40th St, Redmond, WA


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TRIZ is a problem-solving method based on logic and data analysis,which accelerates the ability to solve problems creatively. The method is based on historical-global patterns of innovative problem solving, greatly expanding the capabilities of the local team. TRIZ also provides repeatability, predictability, and reliability due to its structure and algorithmic approach. TRIZ is an acronym for the “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.”TRIZ is based on the study of the patterns of problems and solutions, not on the spontaneous and intuitive creativity of individuals or groups.In the formulation of TRIZ methodology, more than 3 million patents have been analyzed to decipher the patterns that predict breakthrough solutions to problems.Using TRIZ, a team starts by clearly defining a problem it is trying to solve; identifying an ideal state, then looking for contradictions and the appropriate principle to resolve them. The team then looks for examples of solved problem that shared the contradictions with its own problem or applied the same principles. This then leads to an innovative approach to get to the ideal state. Supporting the validity of the methodology is the diffusion in small enterprises as well as in several giants worldwide, such as 3M, BAE Systems, Boeing Corporation, GM, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, Motorola, NASA, OTIS Elevators,Panasonic, Samsung Siemens, UNISYS, and Xerox. This workshop is based on a practical, step-by-step method to apply modern TRIZ/Systematic Innovation to solving complex problems in computing, and the associated business processes, in corporations and in governmental or non-governmental organizations. The hands-on workshop will have you solving real problems from your own areas of interest which will allow you to begin a library of case studies that will help you take TRIZ/Systematic Innovation back to your work environment.Topics covered by the course include:

  • Software Engineering Institute -Capability Maturity Model orientation
    • Systems approach
    • Org improvements
  • TRIZ techniques for problem analysis
  • Functional Modeling for computing system
      • Ideal Final Result

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    • Challenging assumptions
    • Use of Resources–materials, energy & info
    • System (computing & business) Function Analysis
    • Trimming components but maintaining functionality
    • Techniques for solving problems
      • Contradictions Analysis
      • 40 Principles for creative solutions
  • Identifying Contradictions from Functional models and Cause & Effect Chains
  • Attendee project work


 Who Should Attend:
People from organizations concerned with computing, computing infra-structure, control systems, embedded systems, IT responsibilities,products and systems containing firmware, etc. As TRIZ is a systems and team based methodology this workshop is recommended for those involved directly in the computing world & their associates, customers and team members, who need creative solutions to difficult problems.This includes: software and hardware engineers, product engineers, industrial designers, systems designers,quality control & quality improvement managers, Lean and Six Sigma professionals, TOC Jonah’s and others involved in the development and delivery of products and services.

Workshop Fees/person

 Registration ASQ Member Not an ASQ Member
Early Bird (40 days before event) $1095 $1245
Advance (20 days before event) $1245 $1395
Regular $1345 $1495



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