FAST-TRACK TRIZ – A One-Day Workshop

“Brainstorming’ based creativity is unpredictable; you can get great ideas or you can spend a lot of time and get nothing useful. TRIZ is systematic, predictable, and usable by anybody regardless of ‘natural’ creative ‘instincts’.

TRIZ is a proven process for generating creative solutions to a wide range of problems in many situations at all stages of invention, design, development, manufacture or service industry, use, after-market support, etc.

TRIZ goes beyond generating new ideas; it helps you quickly find all the best, cost effective and innovative solutions.

One of the primary premises of TRIZ is based on how an individual can eliminate or reduce trials and errors in the thinking process so that inventors can reach strong solutions without having to sift through long lists of solutions. This is achieved by reducing development times, but not compromising on the quality of solutions when faced with non-typical problems.

At this one-day FAST-TRACK TRIZ workshop you will learn and use the TRIZ tools for eliminating contradictions and learn how to solve problems creatively using the resources that are already available for fast, economical progress.

Bring real problems to the class and WE WILL TEACH YOU TO BE CREATIVE IN A DAY!

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